Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Kids..You will love Buddy Fruits! CLOSED!

Attention Parents this is sure to be a hit in your child's lunch box...I came across this company while searching for healthy all natural kids snacks for school.. I am always on the go between soccer practices and games.. I have three kids and all of them play soccer. I am always looking for portable healthy snacks. So I stumbled upon this company Buddy Fruits..I was happy to see an all natural fruit line that is portable and comes in resealable drink pouches.. I know what your thinking. Fruit that you drink? Yes. I felt the same way. So I contacted the company for a sample.. They sent me every flavor. Not only did I try it but my kids and husband as well. We loved it. My oldest daughter is 10 and type 1 diabetic. This is a great way for her to get a little boost when she's running around on the soccer Field. Her blood sugar always drops so it's a great way to boost her up naturally rather than use a glucose tablet.

This company is owned by a french family who moved to the United States because they had a passion for creating a product that is portable, Healthy and tastes really Yummy. They have created an assortment of flavors: Apple,Strawberry,Cinnamon,Banana,Multi Fruit..Remember to look beyond the fact your apple is in a pouch.. Think about not having to wash it,take the skin off,having sticky hands to wash or even finding somewhere to throw out the core.. The best part. If you don't finish it. Screw the top back on and stick it in the fridge or cooler.. You can't do that with a 1/2 eaten apple now can you? Try it for yourself.. Buddy Fruits is the way to have your fruit and drink it too..


This is a very generous giveaway. The owners of Buddy Fruits want you to be hooked too. So they are giving one lucky winner 48 pouches.. You will get to choose 12 (4 packs) of your choice.. That's over $70 Value Follow giveaway instructions.. Please follow,grab button etc,etc.....