Thursday, November 12, 2009

Chocolate a Girl's best friend

Well as I saw the UPS truck pull up at my house I was wondering what could I be getting today? I brought the box inside opened it to find this beautifully packaged box of chocolates. I was phyced to open the box up and check out the contents. I was a little nervous though. The packaging was so crisp and pretty that I took my time. I knew that this company took the time to plan out this beautiful bundle that the contents were going to be just as good if not better.

I opened the brown papered flap to unveil the most beautiful chocolates. They looked painted. I first took a look at the tasting guide before digging right in. Yes, a Taste guide. My first choice the Duo Cafe.. Let me take the time to describe this amazing palette teaser. Very bold & dynamic. Dark chocolate paired with the flavor and aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Then Earl Grey Delicately steeped Organic black tea infused with pure bergamot extract. Oh My! is all I can say, a pleasure for my taste buds. The Banana Rum to die for delish. Fresh banana scented with Organic cinnamon & golden,dark rum.

I am telling you. As I continued trying these delightful treats. I read the ingredients then closed my eyes to really taste the different flavors. My family joined in ,even my 5 year old son. Truly a wonderful spectacle if you were peeking in our kitchen window LOL.. The company you ask ,now that I have all of your mouths watering..

Antoine Amrani Chocolates I would recommend this company to everyone. Makes for an elaborate gift without the high price point. Each piece is hand crafted and you will taste the passion that went into each flavor. Spread the word. please visit their site and purchase boxes for Holiday gifts,Co-workers,New Baby,Hostess and the list goes on. I am off to try Raspberry made with real raspberries combined with smooth and creamy chocolate ganache.. YUMMY!